The Creative Level-Up

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What is The Creative Level-Up?

A Community of Badass, Brilliant Humans, Leveling Up Together.

Networking, Support, Accountability, Inspiration, Mindset.

For unlocking what’s next.

What does it mean? What do you get?

Access to tools and CoachBrain distinctions.

Clearing, Completion, Context, Project Design, and free access to any WonderPlay coursework or training developed while enrolled.

Virtual times to gather and get (and give) support on Zoom calls.

  • Monday Mastermind+: Coaching and masterminding available. Tell us what you’re working on/struggling with, and get support you request. Use this for anything – industry-specific concerns, personal matters, mindset makeovers…
  • Virtual Co-working: Times to declare and work on our own projects, separately and yet together.
  • Networking: Industry-specific corners to get advice & make connections.
  • Book Club: We will collectively choose the next text to read and how we want to absorb it, meeting virtually at regular intervals to discuss.


Each participant is invited to take advantage of the accountability structures that serve them (declaring projects, weekly action trackers, accountabilibuddies), and invited to co-create their own with each other.

Who is it for?

The Creative Level-Up is for:

  • anyone who is (or wants to be) launching their next big thing, and isn’t sure how to take the first step.
  • people who have given up on a fun and amazing project, but it still pulls at their attention.
  • community-oriented humans who love getting ideas, support, and input through connecting with others.
  • parents who need to get in touch with something that is just for them.
  • humans who are hungry to start a new project, but let their imposter syndrome delay or sabotage the launch.
  • professionals who don’t quite feel right where they’re at, and suspect there could be something more.
    • teachers who spend so much time nurturing others that their own needs get diminished or forgotten.
    • theater professionals who have a job on the side that supports their arts career.
    • folks with a regular job (9-to-5 or otherwise) who are seeking a healthy, sustainable balance of activities, hobbies, and relationships in their lives.
    • lawyers who don’t make space for comprehensive self-care
    • healthcare professionals who love people and need to practice setting boundaries
    • people stepping into a career or life transition that seems scary.
    • passionate practitioners who really believe in the work they’re doing, but are starting to experience burnout.

The Creative Level-Up is NOT for:

  • People whose confidence never wanes
  • People who know exactly where they’re going and how they’re going to get there
  • Folks who feel completely and perfectly supported in every space
  • People who are 100% satisfied with the balance in their lives
  • People whose systems, processes, and habits consistently yield all the results they want
  • The Lone Wolf, who would prefer to “go it alone” and would rather not accept support
  • The Dabbler, who doesn’t want to be held accountable to a project or an outcome

What’s the investment?

Time: 90 minutes every week on a Monday. (plus other opportunities for meetings like virtual co-working and book club)

Intention & Attention: Empower the structure, empower the people. Be open to giving and receiving support.

Financial: Until September 9th, $100/month for a 3-month minimum contract (plus a little discount if you pay in full), and month-to-month after that. After September 9th, $200/month for the same 3-month minimum contract. Registration closes on September 30th.

Pre-Registration (until September 9th)
$100/month for 3 months
Total Contract $300 [[discounted to $275 if paid in full]]

Regular Registration (September 9th-September 30th)
$200/month for 3 months
Total Contract $600 [[discounted to $550 if paid in full]]]

Membership in The Creative Level-Up

How can I join?

Choose your payment option and pay via PayPal to get in on all the goodness. You’ll get info about all of the next steps after that!

Membership in The Creative Level-Up

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