Thanks for supporting/witnessing my pole dance piece at Raw Artists presents ARISE in Chicago! (If you missed it in person, check it out: https://youtu.be/mk6bPhuizRs)

Fun fact – I am also a life coach and music teacher/director/performer. My professional and artistic pursuits each fuel the other.

In light of that, here’s a few invitations, just for you:

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You’ll also see The Sacred Circus mentioned in this photo – I also occasionally partner with people to run retreats.

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(2) Get in touch about collaborations!

I’m always interested in hearing about what other folks are up to, and whether we can create something even more amazing together than we could on our own.

Reach me about musical, dance, or coaching collabs at wonderplaycoaching@gmail.com.

(3) Join The Creative Level-Up!

This is a collective community where you can join like-minded individuals to get support on taking your next step, whatever it is.

Because you’re coming from RAW, you get one month free. (Because you’re the kind of person who produces and/or supports local art, and I want you around.)

[Totally up-front: This is a group program that highlights my expertise as a coach and space-holder. I am inviting you to join the collective on the rest of this page.]

The Creative Level-Up includes four virtual Monday Mastermind+ sessions every month (a 90 minute video call every week), with the option for virtual co-working and a book club, and is re-launching on September 9th! That’s 6+ hours of direct contact and support from WonderPlay Coaching every month for an entire quarter.

The Creative Level-Up is for:

  • anyone who is (or wants to be) launching their next big thing, and isn’t sure how to take the first step.
  • people who have given up on a fun and amazing project, but it still pulls at their attention.
  • community-oriented humans who love getting ideas, support, and input through connecting with others.
  • parents who need to get in touch with something that is just for them.
  • humans who are hungry to start a new project, but let their imposter syndrome delay or sabotage the launch.
  • professionals who don’t quite feel right where they’re at, and suspect there could be something more.
    • teachers who spend so much time nurturing others that their own needs get diminished or forgotten.
    • theater professionals who have a job on the side that supports their arts career.
    • folks with a regular job (9-to-5 or otherwise) who are seeking a healthy, sustainable balance of activities, hobbies, and relationships in their lives.
    • lawyers who don’t make space for comprehensive self-care
    • healthcare professionals who love people and need to practice setting boundaries
    • people stepping into a career or life transition that seems scary.
    • passionate practitioners who really believe in the work they’re doing, but are starting to experience burnout.

The Creative Level-Up is NOT for:

  • People whose confidence never wanes
  • People who know exactly where they’re going and how they’re going to get there
  • Folks who feel completely and perfectly supported in every space
  • People who are 100% satisfied with the balance in their lives
  • People whose systems, processes, and habits consistently yield all the results they want
  • The Lone Wolf, who would prefer to “go it alone” and would rather not accept support
  • The Dabbler, who doesn’t want to be held accountable to a project or an outcome

Pre-Registration (until September 9th)
Normally $100/month for 3 months
[[[RAW = one month free]]]
Total Contract $300 [[[RAW = $200 for 3 months]]]

Regular Registration (September 9th-September 30th)
Normally $200/month for 3 months
[[[RAW = one month free]]]
Total Contract $600 [[[RAW = $400 for 3 months]]]

3-month membership in The Creative Level-Up, Pre-Registration – RAW (one month free)
= $200

Membership in The Creative Level-Up

I’m asking only for people to join who are willing to step outside their comfort zones with me for a 3-month minimum commitment – though we can keep it going if we choose. (So don’t join with the intention to “try it out.” I’m asking you to reflect the commitment you have to yourself and your project(s) by committing to a 3-month time frame.)

Doors will be open from now until September 30th – then we close registration.

This is a steal.

I take on 1:1 clients for $500/month for 60-minute calls.

This curated group experience for the entire 3 months is less than $1/minute. Surely I must be mad!

Not mad. THRILLED to meet you and support you making a difference in your experience of the world.

3-month membership in The Creative Level-Up, Pre-Registration – RAW (one month free)
= $200

Membership in The Creative Level-Up


Elizabeth is a master in facilitating space for people to discover and pursue what they want.

Christopher Place

Elizabeth is a creative goddess and the perfect woman to lead this group. She is encouraging, inspiring, and leads lovely creative working sessions. I loved looking up from my own dancing or writing work to see Elizabeth working on something brilliant. It was so cool to share my creative process and see the creative process of a top national pole dance competitor.

Megan Taylor Morrison, Founder of The Thriving Creator

When it comes to self improvement sometimes we can be our biggest barrier to growth. We know there are habits, thoughts, behaviors that are holding us back from being the best version of ourselves but the kind of focused fine tuning that it takes to chip away the plaque takes work! Elizabeth is like a dentist. A jovial, diligent, doctor who has put more hours than I can count on fine tuning her plaque picking skills! She is armed with exercises and adages that soften the edges on self improvement. I got a lot of value out of group coaching because she assembled 2 other people from different disciplines of life who I probably never would have known had Elizabeth not brought us together. We all came with different backgrounds and different needs on the common ground of, “Hey. I’m awesome, I work hard, and I get to now work smarter! I acknowledge I’ve got some baggage to let go, so now let’s grow.” I got a lot of value from listening to everyone’s stories and experiences and realizing that we are all just trying to be the best version of ourselves thriving in abundance and joy. Our flaws, like any gem, make us rare and beautiful. I am glad that through both private and group coaching with Elizabeth I understand more of my facets and appreciate the colors and hues of what it means to be me. 

Mary Hynes, teaching artist at Second City Chicago

Heading into Group Coaching, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was comfortable with Elizabeth, but I was nervous about connecting with the other group members. As it turned out, the group dynamic turned out to be one of the greatest gifts of the experience, and all of those anxieties disappeared within the first few minutes of the video chat! The space that we held for one another was pure magic. It was like having 4 other cheerleaders on your side offering great advice, experiences, and perspectives that I would never have arrived at with my own resources. It was quite incredible and reassuring to find how connected you can be with individuals who lead completely different day to day lives than yourself – and yet be on a very similar journey. 

Each call would consist of us catching up a bit about the prior week’s wins, progress, and actions. From there, we would pose a question that the group agreed to discuss and be coached on that day, and Elizabeth would provide us with powerful and intriguing coaching. At the end of each call I would feel so invigorated, excited, and clear about what my implementation goals would be for the week ahead. This type of coaching is just incredible; I’ve already signed up for the next session!

Caitlyn Watts, Yoga Teacher

Creating something new will take resources – time, space, energy, money. Do you want to put off investing in yourself – again?

3-month membership in The Creative Level-Up, Pre-Registration – RAW (one month free)
= $200

Membership in The Creative Level-Up