Cultivating Creative Courage – Beta Test

What’s this all about?

This is an online course, delivered live, in two installments, on the topic of Cultivating Creative Courage. I’ll share handy tools, powerful practices, and gorgeous resources to face your inner critic with your own charm and panache – that is to say, concrete and research-supported ways to boost your morale and your confidence so you can get the f*ck on with whatever it is you’re doing.

(Hint: it’s been inside you, all along.) PC Alloy Images, PSO, 2016

When, exactly? And where?

Sundays November 17th & 24th, 12:45pm-2pm CST, on the Internet. I’ll send a Zoom invitation via email. You can participate in the Zoom app, in a web browser, or from your phone – having access to video will be best.

It’s important that you either commit to (a) attending live, OR (b) watching the recordings in the same week we’re working through the material. That way you have a chance to engage with the material AND your cohorts in a similar time frame. It’s a way to generate not only heady excitement, but also grounded accountability.

If one or the other livestream times are not possible for you, I will send you the recording and the tools so you can still get some bangin’ movement on your Creative Courage.

PC Maverick Sean, USPDF 2018

What can I expect?

If you sign up using the form below, here’s what you can expect:

  • Emails with links to the LIVE video trainings and the recordings afterward, instructions, resources, tools, etc., directly related to the course.
  • Google Calendar Invitations to the trainings, which will be held on two consecutive Sundays November 17th & 24th, 12:45pm-2pm CST
  • An invitation to join the Facebook group where you can meet your Creative Co-Voyagers
  • A request from me to connect 1-on-1 for two 15-minute appointments, once between the sessions, and once the week after the second session. This is for you to ask questions and give feedback. (I am beta testing, after all. Your feedback is gold to me.)
  • A standing invitation to stay on my email list to learn about other things I’m crafting

Ready to go? Let me know!

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Thanks for agreeing to be a part of the live beta test of my spankin’ brand new online course!

Does it cost anything?

There is no dollar cost for you, as I’ve decided not to officially charge for the beta test. Whee!

However, I’m inviting you to make a donation instead, in the hopes that any amount you invest will reflect the value you intend to take away. When there’s money on the table, it helps everyone step their game up.

What’s the catch?

The catch really is…if you sign up, I will expect your engagement, and I will ask you for your feedback. I’m here to play (which is to say, work), and I’m inviting you to play with me!

And I’ll be asking for you to sign a simple contract that indicates your agreement to participate to the fullest of your ability, hold the confidentiality of the group, and an NDA so you can feel free to use the tools, but not misrepresent where they came from. That sort of thing.

That’s really it, though. Thanks. You rock!

PC Maverick Sean, USPDF 2018