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Selfscaping: How to Enjoy Change

Step Zero in Becoming Your Best:

Overall Mindset Shift From “At The Effect” To “Be The Cause”

I don’t think it’s too radical to say that everyone wants to have a great life. And in our society, many of us desire active participation in our own wild success story. This is what I mean when I invite you to choose to “Be The Cause” of your great life. (If you want greatness to “happen to you,” that is, to allow circumstantial dice to be rolled, and be “At The Effect” of your environment, this article may not be for you.) As a life coach, I believe that every person is not only capable of having a great life, but also has the power to be responsible for how it goes. This article is an invitation to look inward and claim your responsibility – do some trimming of your inner landscape (selfscaping) – which will then impact how it goes outwardly.

Everyone has their triggers. [My current working definition of a trigger is something that shows up in your environment that causes an unconscious response. Often, this response is related to something that has been repressed, avoided, or seems unsavory to the person experiencing it.] The moments when we are triggered are the moments when we give up our agency to our circumstances, and it can be a struggle to get back. In those moments, we are “At The Effect” of our situation. And to be clear, there is nothing wrong or bad about being triggered. But what if you could change your mind about what was happening, and enjoy that change?

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Photo by Maverick Sean Photography at USPDF Pro Finals 2019

Many of us resist change. Humans are creatures of habit. Patterns suit us. The Comfort Zone is, well, comfortable. To Enjoy Change, we need to be open to embracing the unknown, stepping into possibility, and welcoming newness. My invitation to you is to change the spelling: In Joy, Change. If you have resisted shifting into a higher version of yourself, slide a filter on it! Are you willing to be joyful about changing your mind? Maybe it’s joy, or maybe it’s love, or power, or boldness, or satisfaction. What filter of Being could you put on yourself and your life that would lead you to a more wonderful experience? (I am channeling Victory as I write this!) Choose a filter of Being that speaks to you!

Selfscaping, pole dancer, pole dancing, splits, flexibility, comfort zone, possibility, Becoming Your Best, Becoming My Best, Become My Best, Become Your Best, Mindset Shift, Being, Being Your Best, Being My Best, WonderPlay Coaching, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Creative Coaching
Photo by Maverick Sean Photography at USPDF Pro Finals 2019

Now try this with me. Take a breath, and call to mind a recent moment when you were less than yourself. You blew up on someone (or didn’t), had a breakdown (or didn’t), neglected yourself (or others), or any number of things. Get clear on your unconscious thoughts, words, and actions. Invite that filter you chose and see how your experience might have changed. Let your beautiful filter bleed over onto your present self. Now, if you were to encounter the same situation, how would it go differently? What would happen if you took that filter with you for a whole hour – a whole day – a whole week, or longer? Are you willing to try it??

I assert that, to a great extent, how we show up anywhere is how we show up everywhere. If you can acknowledge and redirect your internal selfscape – thoughts, sensations, emotions, your entire BEING – you will be able to do the same with your external words, actions, and interactions with greater facility and grace.

Mindset shifts like this are fleeting; make sure you create or secure sufficient support to maintain your new filter of Being. Journal, create community, read inspiring words, speak affirmations aloud, meditate, hire a coach, join The Creative Level-Up. And stay tuned for the next steps in the series!

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3 Simple Steps to Becoming Your Best – an Overview (part 1 of 5)

Let’s juxtapose two familiar moments.

If you’re like most people, you have moments of your life that feel wonky. Unproductive. Negative. Out of control. Not yourself. Off. We know in our heart of hearts that we are better than those moments.

Likewise, you probably experience moments of uncontrollable shiny brilliance. You are an all-powerful Being. Loving. Loved. Glowing. Flowing. Magical. Everything you touch turns to gold. We wish we could stay in THOSE moments forever.

Sometimes these moments seem to happen to us. While I have nothing against receiving blessings, I believe we can step beyond letting the Universe give us gifts. I believe we can create them on purpose, bringing our best selves to our lives – work and play, friends and family.

I propose a path to Becoming Your Best – one of many – and I invite you to practice with me. (I will cover each section in greater depth in the rest of this series on my WonderPlay Coaching blog – visit me there for more!)

Step Zero: Overall Mindset Shift

From “At The Effect” To “Be The Cause”

This really is the foundation, so I’m calling it Step Zero. Without creating this foundation first, there is no supported place to continue. Mindset shifts are fleeting; make sure you create or secure sufficient support to maintain your new mindset. Journal, create community, read inspiring words, speak affirmations aloud, meditate, hire a coach. Identify your “What For” in Becoming Your Best – Family? Career? Relationships?

It can be thrilling to allow the ocean of your circumstances to toss you about. It is a significantly different experience to be the captain of your ship, and to move in the direction of your choosing. If you wish to exercise more power and purpose in your life, Be The Cause of your movement. Connect with the source of who you are as Divine Creator. Identify and release the disempowering stories of who you used to be, and proceed boldly on your declared course.

1+ minute exercise:

(a) Identify a circumstance of your past when you were “At The Effect” of your world. (ie getting into an argument)

(b) What were the unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and feelings you demonstrated? (ie “If only ____ had said _____, then ______! It’s all their fault!”) 

(c) Ask yourself how it could go differently if you were to “Be The Cause” of your life in that same situation if (when) it comes up again. (ie “When I take ownership of my responsibility for communicating, I articulate my wants and needs clearly.”)

Step One: Notice

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In order to Be The Cause of your Being, first notice – without judgment – who you have been. People call this mindfulness, metacognition, presence, self-awareness, Super-Ego — whatever you call it, it begins with you extricating your big Self from your mindstuff. You know when people mindlessly ask “how are you?” and you mindlessly answer however you answer while you’re thinking about something else? Take the time to really ask yourself. Give yourself the gift of your own attention, even for a moment.

1+ minute exercise: answer these three questions as an outside observer watching the movie of your life, without feeling the need to judge or change.

(a) How am I, really, right now?
(b) What thoughts, feelings, and body sensations are in my space?
(c) What’s going on in my environment?

Step Two: Choose

Becoming Your Best, Becoming My Best, Best, Simple Steps, Become My Best, Become Your Best, Mindset Shift, Being, Being Your Best, Being My Best, raise your vibration, raise my vibration, raising your vibration, raising my vibration, higher consciousness, WonderPlay Coaching, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Creative Coaching

You get to Be The Cause of how your life goes. Your thoughts, feelings, and determinations are up to you – your responsibility, no one else’s. If you have that much agency over your life, could you choose to Become Your Best, more and more aligned with the greatest version of your Higher Self? The answer is yes – and at any moment.

1+ minute exercise: play the director in the movie of your life and answer these three questions.

(a) What is the hero’s highest purpose in this [scene, movie, series, life]? (ie Connection)
(b) What is the best next [action, interaction, feeling, scene, line] that would express our hero’s purpose? (ie clear the air with my argument partner and listen for what they need)
(c) When or how will the hero take that action, and what will the results be? (ie invite a conversation tonight, and we’ll be back in connected relationship afterward)

Step Three: Repeat

Becoming Your Best, Becoming My Best, Best, Simple Steps, Become My Best, Become Your Best, Mindset Shift, Being, Being Your Best, Being My Best, raise your vibration, raise my vibration, raising your vibration, raising my vibration, higher consciousness, WonderPlay Coaching, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Creative Coaching

Becoming Your Best takes as much practice as anything else. I recently shared with my musical theater students some advice I received when I was their age: “If you care about precision, don’t practice until you can get it right; practice until you can’t get it wrong.” It’s not bad or wrong for you to not get it the first time. It’s refreshingly normal. We are habitual creatures, and we need the reps.

1+ minute exercise: give yourself some reps!

(a) Choose a way of Being to maintain for at least 1 minute of activity. (ie Love) 
(b) Notice the effects of your Being on your activity. (ie appreciating brushing your teeth as an act of Self-Love)
(c) When you fall into unconsciousness (ie brushing your teeth mindlessly), re-Mind yourself of your Chosen way of Being, and come back to it on purpose.
Becoming Your Best, Becoming My Best, Best, Simple Steps, Become My Best, Become Your Best, Mindset Shift, Being, Being Your Best, Being My Best, raise your vibration, raise my vibration, raising your vibration, raising my vibration, higher consciousness, WonderPlay Coaching, Life Coach, Life Coaching, Creative Coaching

Thanks for taking a journey to Becoming Your Best. I believe that the better we each express our brilliance individually, the better we become together. Join me for more depth by following my WonderPlay Coaching blog, or join my newest collective, The Creative Level-Up, for weekly coaching and live masterminding (find the schedule here), or schedule a Discovery Call to find out more about joining a coaching group for even more direct support on Becoming Your Best!

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Declaring Value is a Choice: 5 Gifts From My Stolen Car

We were about to take a drive to Humboldt Park (to scout locations for a community event for The Sacred Circus), and my car isn’t where we parked it after we got groceries the night before. Towed? No. Stolen? Yes.

The situation is (almost) resolved as I type this. Nothing was ever broken in the first place, but as usual, I am creating a lot of value in this journey!

The bottom line is: Declaring Value is a Choice. When we make a mindset habit of declaring value, the circumstances seem to reorganize themselves around that idea.
These 5 gifts (that I choose to receive) are ways I am declaring value from this whole experience.
Selfie from a day I was feeling really boss that week, regardless of missing car.
I was channeling Power, Creativity, and Love!

Declared Value #1: Recognizing That I Am Warrior. 

That doesn’t mean I’m not a Worrier sometimes. But I am prepared to step up and take appropriate action in the circumstances I find myself in. I prioritize easily. I plan methodically I move swiftly. I trust my intuition. I count on people to have my back, and I also am ready to move along if they are unable to help. I see that my mindset is one of my most precious resources. I didn’t panic or rage. I simply acknowledged that my afternoon was going to look different from how I had planned it and moved along.
At the same time, Warriors need breaks too. Which leads me to my next point…

This was a report to my team about my mindset practice for the day, as I was waiting for a bus.

Declared Value #2: Reminder to Practice Compassion and Gratitude.

Having compassion for myself was a challenge – surprisingly/not surprisingly. As I was waiting for the bus to go to work after I canceled the remainder of my participation in our Sacred Circus research trip, I thought to myself that I wanted to simply cry and be held. My need to be tenderly cared for got met in other ways that week, and sometimes I got reminders to be tender toward myself.

This was right before the first drive back in the recovered vehicle. Some of the objects that remained included this extraordinary shiny and sequined piece of fabric – remaining from my competitive pole season. I opted to wear it as a scarf immediately in the name of Celebration!
It was fairly easy to have compassion for the thief, by surprising contrast. I imagined the person who stole my car really needing transportation. I imagined them getting groceries and commuting to a workplace. I imagined them being super short on earthly dollars and choosing this as a way to generate some quick cash. As I learned from Grace Bishop at the first ImpacTable (find her business at LeadLove and her passionwork as a leader and facilitator of NonViolent Communication in Chicago), much of human emotional behavior is an expression of an unmet need. 
Bonus: whosoever stole the car cleaned it out pretty well! Thanks!

Cleaned out…Stereo included.

Declared Value #3: Leaning on My Human Resources.

What a network I have, in biological and chosen family!

The first phone call was to my Dad, who got into action to mitigate the potential negative effects, including recruiting his sister (my aunt & godmother) to investigate giving me a big ol’ pile of her airline miles to rent me a car for a week while we at least figured out what would happen next. He started fixing up “my” car extra fast and moving forward with that, but then once the stolen car was recovered, my grandmother contributed that she would switch cars with me so I would have a drivable car sooner, and even gave me money for the title transfer. Not to mention, my Dad insisted on having me drop the car off to him immediately so he could make sure everything was still in proper order before releasing it to me again. Holy cow. I would not have managed this situation nearly as gracefully on my own, without their assistance. I am SO grateful.

And then there’s my husband. The moment we discovered the car missing, he offered his service – “What can I do? What do you need?” And he was a space for love and listening the whole time. Even the morning the car was recovered, when we got that call from the police to either pick it up RIGHT NOW or they would tow it and have it impounded, he canceled his bodywork/training appointment that he had been excited about ALL WEEK to come with me in the rental to pick up the stolen vehicle. (I hadn’t even considered that it wouldn’t be drivable, but it started right up when we got there.) He got to be with me, too, when we realized when we were most of the way there that we had left the house without any ID. That was quite a hilarious scene with that police officer, but I was able to confirm my identity by having my Driver’s License Number memorized and independently corroborating the info on the initial police report, so that turned out ok. But I wouldn’t have been nearly so easy and graceful in that situation either, if it had not been for Ryan. I continue to be SO grateful. 

Declared Value #4: Reminder to Release My Hold on the Physical.

Possessions? Great. Stopping to smell the flowering trees? At least as great.

I remember the last time a big-ticket item was stolen out from under me: it was my backpack in Costa Rica. It wasn’t “my” backpack — it had all my STUFF in it, yes, and I was USING it at the time, but it wasn’t strictly mine. 

My husband and I had left a high-stress situation and decided to camp out on the beach the day before we would begin leading our first retreat. We had been backpacking and hammocking, getting trained up with Sacred Paths Yoga, doing Ayahuasca when wild shamans appeared, and all-around having brilliant adventures…and suddenly the earthly possessions I had been carrying around were no more.

For about five minutes I went from disbelief to sadness and anger. I asked continuously through hysterical tears, “What do I do?!” Ryan finally offered, “Start to accept the loss.” That was what I needed to hear in that moment. I snapped out of it immediately. I stopped crying and did as suggested – began to accept that those objects didn’t belong to me anymore, and released them to their next phase of existence and moved on to mine.

The backpack is not the focus of this photo, and it turns out it wasn’t the focus of our journey either.

All of this to say, when the car was missing from its spot, I had already had a great session of practice this year of accepting the loss of a high-value object. We figured out who to call, what to say, and what to do next. It was a little tiring, but I was ready to move forward. I still am, even now that the car has been recovered – missing stereo and some personal affects notwithstanding.

WonderPlay of the Day: Steps Toward Release! While out in the city, I threw away the shoes I was wearing and walked home barefoot. I was on my way home from an adventure to meet @c_rieds ‘s financial planner with @mr.ladysmith last week, and I noticed that my gait had adjusted to avoid the pain from walking in my broken sandals. My beloved white Birks had taken some severe water damage (most recently and deleteriously from our Big Top adventure on the Fourth of July with @placeodiscovery and @deosluciddream), and they had never recovered. And yet! True to my fashion, I had decided that I would try to make them last till the end of this sandal-season. When Ryan suggested I throw them away, I discovered I was still attached to them, broken as they were. They’ve served me ever so well (@birkenstock is my jam), and I’ve had so many adventures in them (3+ years!) – not to mention Ryan has mostly commandeered my other pair (which you can see in the 2nd video). I went through fear that was physical (what about broken glass? will it hurt me to walk on the concrete?), social (what will people think of me? can I present as as person in charge of themselves and their life if I don’t even have shoes?), commercial (will they even let me on the CTA?), mental (I’ve never done this before; can I even handle it?) and even familial judgment (what would my MOTHER say? @sandratuazon) before I finally allowed the pain of my present situation to override all of it. Not only was I not injured, but I was leaps and bounds more comfortable than with my broken sandals. I remembered that my feet were built to walk on, urban environment notwithstanding. Plus, I got to experience something completely new. To top it off, a man living out of his truck under the Green Line asked if I was barefoot by choice, and then offered me some shoes. How humbling! Takeaways: 👞Pay attention to your discomfort. There is something there for you. 👟Pay attention to any invitations you get to release your discomfort – and especially pay attention to your resistance to do so. 👠Give generously, and express gratitude freely. 👡Explore the world for new experiences – they may be closer than you think.
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^^^Another recent exploration of releasing the physical.

Declared Value #5: Seeing A Bigger Picture. (Hint:It’s All Perfect.)

Recontextualizing a hardship into an opportunity is always a way of declaring value. 

Here’s some background that made it seem hilariously extra-complicated: 

  • It wasn’t even “my” car. It was on loan from my family.
  • Therefore, the stolen car is not in my name, nor registered to my address.
  • I didn’t know WHOSE name the car was registered in when I called to make the police report. 
  • The insurance on said loaner car wouldn’t cover theft replacement or a rental.
  • I plan my schedule based on commutes for my jobs, which are in turn based on having a car for commuting.
We learned this glorious tool in my coach training called “Problems to Opportunities.” A few of us clever folks condensed it to “Probportunities.” The shorthand of the exercise is, when you think you have a problem, find at least 3 opportunities from it. I had opportunities to figure out how to get to work on transit and how long that would take, how to file a police report for a stolen car I don’t own, how to rent a car with someone else’s airline miles (pro tip: you still have to pay the taxes in regular dollars, and still with a credit card), and how to get creative regarding missing work supplies (my dance bag was in the car at the time, and they rifled through it pretty well) and stretch the resources you’re left with. As Mike Michalowicz says in Profit First (<<<that’s a link to the audiobook on Audible), one of the tropes of entrepreneurship is to do more with less. I am grateful for all of these opportunities and reminders.

Bottom line: everything is really fine. Really.

There’s nothing like a little training from the Universe to create yourself more into who you are becoming. I create this experience as character-building and interesting, and I know that it will eventually be what one of my colleagues calls “Fun Type 2” – it will all be be funny after it’s not dramatic anymore.


I’d love to hear how you declare value in your experiences! Please comment below and share what values you are creating. 

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Snapshot of a Solopreneur

I’m writing about entrepreneurship (in my case, solopreneurship) today, in all of its gory glory. I find that I’ve hesitated to share these thoughts publicly, because my story seems unfinished to me. I suppose that’s a good thing, because my story will continue after this! But it’s more than that. I’m not the poster child of a “successful entrepreneur” – at least not yet. “Struggling entrepreneur” or “surviving entrepreneur” seems to be a better fit right now. I don’t see myself as having “that success story of a six-figure work-from-anywhere winner” that will inspire people to quit their 9-to-5s. I do get to live an ignited life full of passion for what I do every day – and I’ll be the first to point out that that alone does not generate income.

Why share NOW, then, when my career change isn’t neatly wrapped up with a pretty bow?

One of my friends said it well – when we share (ok, sometimes more like admit) our challenges to each other, we humanize ourselves. And as I said to my coach this week, this is perhaps the best time to share. I can demonstrate to all of my entrepreneur clients that I get it. I hear them talk about things that seem insurmountable, and I get it because I have been there. By sharing, I get to appreciate the life I’m living in such a glorious and messy way. By sharing, I am demonstrating that no matter how “super” the superhuman you admire in your life, they still cast a shadow.

And so, I share this snapshot of this moment with you, via advice that I would give to my one-year ago self about switching entrepreneurial careers.

Who thought there would be a climbing area OR this mini-mall made of shipping containers in Costa Rica?
Photo credit Ryan Alan Jones

1. It almost certainly will not go as you expect.

Some of the things you are afraid of will simply not happen. Plenty of things will happen that you didn’t plan for or anticipate. Resources within and without will pop up in the least likely of places and times. Roll with it and keep leveling yourself up. You will discover wisdoms and truisms at which you will think, “if I had known that when I started…!” – but you might not have believed it at the time, either. We get every lesson from the Universe at the divinely perfect time, and it may not be when we wish it was, but it will be at the time we can receive it.
This is like a personal ad…to the universe at large…that I literally made in glitter glue on cardstock.
It’s hanging next to my desk. I hope that it shows you just what kind of person I am.

2. Be Your Unicorn!

If nothing else, practice being with your own strengths. Everyone has their own specifications for failure and success, or even challenge. Identify what you have that is uniquely yours! I’m choosing to measure my life by my own standards – and that includes seeing, witnessing, sharing, and Being With all of my own greatness. It has been a hard-won lesson that adding my brilliance to the world simply begets more brilliance – nobody is objectively outshone or obscured. In fact, the best gift I can give the world – the way I can be of the most service – is to fully embody and lean into my Qualities. All of them. (Hint from the shadow work I’ve been doing (book linked in the resources): even “unattractive” qualities are still gifts, perhaps only with the volume turned up too loud. Find the gift and embrace it.) Comparison can be invigorating and debilitating in equal turns – be aware! Only you can bring your particular brand of sparkle & hair flip, or warmth & comfort, or brightness & badassery. Nobody else can do that job – it’s yours, forever! Plus, only by being your own unicorn can you attract your unicorn group (tribe? flock? herd?) – whether they will be customers/clients, colleagues, cheerleaders, or anything else.

Tree pose, alias Vrksasana, with The Sacred Circus, featuring a Costa Rican beach sunset.
Photo credit Adeoye Mabogunje

3. Trust your gut / wisdom / spirit / intuition… and distinguish between that and the Gremlin that will keep you small and safe.

Listen to your body’s cues, and you will find what a wealth of wisdom you have access to. Not sure whether your innermost wisdom or your Gremlin is doing the talking? Do some journaling, meditating – get quiet, and pay attention. If you have a friend, colleague, or coach who will reliably reflect what they see to you, sure, seek out their opinion – but don’t disregard your own. Do you believe you have everything you need? Great – let that be sufficient…until it’s not, and you discover that you need something different, and then get that need met.
Imagine being inside of a seed that contains all of the information necessary to grow a mighty tree. It’s cozy, warm, and safe. But it’s also not the ultimate expression of what that seed is meant to be. It waits until conditions are just right, and then breaks out of the safety of the seed to Root into the Earth and Sprout into the Sky. And as it grows, it cannot know its own final expression. It will simply keep growing as long as the nutrients are present and the conditions are right, coming into harmony with all around it. There will be seasons of wealth and abundance, and also of drought and damage. And it, like the rest of us, will keep living the best life it can. After all, who’s to say that we don’t need the adversity as much as the ease? One of the human body’s natural responses to repeated stress is to strengthen and adjust. This is how muscles grow and bones form their torsion. (I learned almost everything I academically know about anatomy from Paul Grilley and David Kiel in my Yoga Teacher Training with Sacred Paths Yoga. Video links on their names, and further resources listed at the end.)
This is the type of accidental selfie that happens between reps at my pole studio.
Note the face: whatever just happened was decidedly NOT the desired finished product.
“Whelp, better do THAT again.”

4. Let it be okay that it’s hard or unpretty sometimes.

Did I make declarations about growth milestones for my business? Yes! Did I meet them all? Of course not! Have I been broke during this process? Most certainly yes! Have my thwarted expectations caused challenge and or friction in my marriage? You bet! Are we still ok and figuring it out? Totally! Have I stayed in bed frozen in fear instead of going and being with my friends? Sure! And on and on. The thing is, none of it is bad or wrong. I’m learning to make friends with failure. I learn, grow, make mistakes, and move ahead. I like to think of choosing from practice, rather than performance or perfection. My academic youth was all the way lived in the land of the A+, to the point that I wept in fear at the first B on my report card. Each step I’ve taken farther away from performance or perfection has been such a relief – I get to learn from every experience I create, even and especially when things get weird and funky.

About half of my crew from my training at Accomplishment Coaching got together for a mini-reunion last month.
These guys have supported me through some gigantic transformations and breakthroughs, let me tell YOU.

5. You don’t have to do it alone.

Solopreneurship doesn’t necessitate giving up on all of your support networks. In fact, it might be a way to facilitate leaning on them as much or more. Declare what you need, find what works for you, and discard what doesn’t. There are innumerable human resources out there that you already have access to – not to mention that in many cases, somebody has probably written a book about the thing you want to know (or recorded a podcast, or a web series, or a documentary, or, or…). This comes with a caution – don’t hide so completely behind the guise of training/experience/learning/reading/listening that you never actually DO the thing. Left to my own devices, I experience plenty of “analysis paralysis” (that’s a Jenny Blake-ism; her book is on the resource list below). You’re not alone, even when it seems like it – “you will be found.”

A thoughtful posture in the moments before leading a workshop on our Total Wellness Retreat in Costa Rica.
Not every moment seems equally “presentable,” or else why do we go through so many options to pick the “perfect” pic?
Photo credit Adeoye Mabogunje

6. This moment is only this moment.

What a syllogism that is! Any snapshot of who you are and where you are at a particular moment is simply not indicative of where you’re headed. It may not even give it clear representation about where you’ve been. Make no mistake, we are the sum of our experiences, perhaps even from past lives. So be sure to acknowledge yourself and your progress as you go! Only you can really tell how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned on the way. Any moment, no matter how seemingly great (the trophy, A+, win, deed, title, promotion, achievement) or dismal (the loss, hurt, fear, paralysis, broke-ness, isolation, accident) is only the circumstance of this moment – and all things are passing. Alternatively artistically quoted, nothing gold can stay. To go back to the tree analogy, it seems laughably absurd that a tree with leaf buds at the end of its branches would disparage itself for not being in full bloom yet. Or that a sapling is somehow less wonderful than a tree bearing fruit. It’s simply where you are NOW, and it doesn’t need to mean anything more than that. Do you want to grow into a mighty tree? Then, onward! All things in time. I have been practicing meditating more regularly of late at the same time that I’m reading Stranger in a Strange Land, and so I take to heart that “Waiting is.

Upon reflection, I could have written this blog post about any self-actualization process: learning and honing a new skill, coming of age, a personal or institutional revolution…

There is much more. There is always much more. And ain’t it great? I am the heroine of my own life, as you are the protagonist of yours, and we will access more wealth of experience than we could ever share with anyone else. Thank you, human, for sharing this with me, and allowing me the space to share with you. Excelsior!

*certainly not exhaustive; simply things I’m referencing lately, and things that I can identify that have guided some of my thinking thus far